OK, I’m not re-inventing the wheel here. Thankfully – I’d probably make it square or something…

This is a fairly standard contact form using Flash and PHP. So what’s interesting about it? OK, it has a few interesting features :

- first off, it looks quite cool :)
- nice, à la mode reflections
- frighteningly easy drag n drop installation
- it’s all contained in one movie clip and one php file
- full validation of all fields if required (just uncomment some code)
- error bullets and error message appear when fields not filled in
- check for correct email address (@ and .)
- space-efficient : labels are built into text fields, and disappear on click
- tab through fields with your keyboard
- nice spinner animation while waiting for confirmation from server
- thank you page on successful send
- sorry page on failure

So there we have it. A nice, clean form, easy to install, looks nice and does the job well. Enjoy!

Ric Zito