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Cool Fullscreen Backgrounds and Border [11 styles]

Cool Fullscreen Backgrounds and Border [11 styles]

  • 11 different styles of fullscreen backgrounds (click the change background button to see them)
  • Created entirely with AS for a low file size (entire file is only 24k)
  • Easily drag and drop into your own project
  • Can be set to not display the change background button and have it just display your favorite background when it loads
  • Also can be easily set to load a random background each time
  • Intro animation can be turned off
  • Background colors and brightness can be easily edited
  • Look at the code and experiment with your own unique backgrounds!

To answer some questions I have received:

1) To center the content vertically as well as have it center with an easing effect see here

2) To make the background fill the whole window with no white border see here

3) To add a button to switch to fullscreen mode see here




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Cool Fullscreen Backgrounds and Border [11 styles] Awesome Subtle Animated Background Perfect For Banner Ads


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