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@Sea4Me: You are persistent! Good for you! The game is built to reward you for a single catch. There is no requirement to catch them all. I’ll update the file with a “You got all of the koalas” message. That should make more sense. Thanks!

@edward1301: Sorry for the late response. I can add a link to the trophies if you want. Just send me a message through my profile. The game is based on skill, so no odds control here.

LOVE IT OMG I love everything you do.


Aren’t the Kualas cute? :D


Yes and just those machines I was laughing because I finally won (which I never do in real life). It was perfect for an “under construction” page so folks aren’t POed that they landed there for nothing….

I love this.

Hi there, great file…

can u also send me the URL file?

Best regards!


Sure, how can I contact you? I’d like to send it via email.

Also you can contact me through my profile page.

hi guys is there a newer file? I do love the gamesand definately see it working on my website, however after i have all the koala the game doesn’t move to more levels or end? Perhaps you can get a limited amoutn of money and it could make the game harder? Eitherway i will watch this one! :)


Hi, Did you send me a message as “Joe”. If so, I’ve just answered you. Check your mail.

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I send you the email as “Joe” :) Great file! Looking forward to the future updates.

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Hello! Just wondering if there will be an update regarding a high-score submitting and limited coins. (see also my last email)


Cheers & Thanks


Does is possible to use my custom images instead koalas?

I ask because I want to use it on a plush animals website, and I need to use they.

Best regards Nor


Hi, You can place any image or swf animation as a trophy. If you need help putting your animals in, I can help. Just message me through my profile page.

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Can you kindly send me the file with the clickable URL at the trophy, etc? How do I get your email address at your profile?



I was just wondering if you can make the buttons work with keyboard as well?

Also…can we have up, down, left and right button??

regards Ash

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Very clever game! You have an amazing portfolio of games – I’ll be buying many more.

I’m trying to modify this, so that there is no specific ‘Win’, but kids can just catch any of the objects and the little trophies appear at the bottom, one by one. Would you know if there’s a line of code I could change to do this?

I have removed all the display text, so there is no goal to the game, just endless.

Also, when do you think your new Cart rider game is ready? It looks great!

Thanks, Matt


Glad you liked my games :D

Cart Rider is in the queue now so it’ll hopefully take a few days. I responded to your mail with the Crane Game request.


I tested this game, I got all 4 koala, it still ask you to get more, there’s nothing but just 2 elephants left. I kept playing. Got them too, say wrong koala, but there no more koala, but still saying the same msg when is no more stuff animals ? And there’s no reset button, etc? What’s missing or is there’s a bug somewhere? Is not correct over all…..

Please advice, Thanks, Jimmy