Crane Game - ActiveDen Item for Sale

This is a virtual recreation of the crane games you find in malls. Controls are simple: Hold the Up arrow to move the crane up. Hold Right arrow to move right. Then the crane will lower automatically and try to catch a trophy.

The game’s assets are loaded through XML . You can do the following:
  • Add any number of different trophies. Theses will be placed randomly inside the cabinet when the game begins.
  • Put your own header on top of the cabinet.
  • Change the color of the cabinet.

    Have fun!

    UPDATE 23 -04-09:
  • You can now choose a winning trophy, and display a Win/Lose message. UPDATE 30 -03-09:
  • Added a trophy line-up at the bottom of the stage.
  • Added drop shadow to the trophy containers.
  • Added a cute koala trophy bundled with the package.

    FUTURE UPDATES : This game is a work in progress, and can be improved in many ways, so I’d like to hear from you on this one; What updates would you want?

    ScreeningRoomV1 Cityscape

    GunSlingerV1 Trophy Room

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