Creative Iconic Menu with proximity blur effect

CREATIVE ICONIC MENU with mouse proximity effects

This iconic menu has great effects and is very flexible. By only editing the XML , you can have a horizontal menu, a vertical menu, or a entire grid menu. And it can be any size you want – however, it is advised to be used as a small menu with small icons because of the immediately loading style. You can as many icons buttons as you want. You can change a lot of things via the XML , including customizing the effects. Please check the list below.

AS3 only. Opens with Flash CS3 .

Step by step instructions are included and code is commented. Also, an html file is included to demonstrate SWF embedding.

All the things you can change in the XML
> The background color
> The thumbnail grid x position
> The thumbnail grid y position
> How many thumbnail across
> The spacing of the thumbnails
> The thumbnail image width
> The thumbnail image height
> The mouse drag or following distance of the thumbnails
> The mouse drag or following delay or lag of the thumbnails
> The amount of blur on the thumbnails
> The image source for each of the thumbnails
> The link out URL for each of the thumbnails
> The link out target for each of the thumbnails

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