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Creative Professional XML Website

Creative Professional XML Website


8 May 2010 – Version Delta
New Features:
  • added fullscreen function to the website
  • deep-linking now available for top level pages
    TIP : to see this in action you need to click on remove frame on the top of the full-screen preview page.
  • added the frequently-requested autoplay feature for the banner rotator
  • added the ability to set an image or a solid color as website background
  • added the ability for navigation items to link to an external page or URL
  • email.php now uses UTF -8 encoding for international keyboard support
  • lost the ability to set a specific page as the default page in favour of deep-linking
Those wishing to update to version delta can do so by following detailed instructions in the online user manual yomire.websitedesignsydney.net/readme/ids/version.html.

The “Creative Professional XML Website” is a full XML driven flash website. Virtually no flash knowledge is required in order to customise this website; only a working XML knowledge. In fact, the FLASH file only contains a single layer with a single action frame which imports and instantiate the document class, so there’s really no reason for you to ever need to even open the FLASH file.

Online User Manual
For an idea of what is possible, visit the online user manual for this website: yomire.websitedesignsydney.net/readme/ids.


  • You can easily add / delete / modify pages in this site from the XML file.
  • You can easily add / delete / modify your content from the XML files.
  • Fluid fullscreen website
  • Clean, sophisticated and beautiful design
  • All content text are HTML / CSS enabled. You can easily add / modify CSS styles to style your content
  • User manual is available online and will be continually maintained and updated based on buyer comments and inputs
  • Smart vertical scroller that will automatically be applied when your text overflows its container
  • Great looking two-dimensional portfolio system that can easily be modified from the XML file. You can add an unlimited amount of portfolio images and write descriptions for each.
  • Dynamic contact form that will allow you to write any amount of input fields you want, specify widths of labels and input fields, and email validation. PHP file is included.
  • Light and efficient Flash file: only 86kb including fonts. Almost all elements on the page are generated from AS.

With your purchase, you get:

  • All source files which includes the .FLA and all its class files
  • The .swf file
  • index.html
  • CSS files
  • settings XML file
  • navigation XML file
  • email PHP file
  • javacript files required to embed .swf to HTML . I use SWFOBJECT .