All the features of my previous CSS text scroller, but this time, with added smooth scrolling!

Make it easy for clients to update content in your Flash movies by using this super easy-to-use solution. Not only can clients edit/maintain content in a basic .txt file, but you or your client can also style the text using a .css file!

This is a great way to update text very easily without the need to open any Flash files.

There are three files in total. Obviously, your .swf Flash file. And then a .css file to control your text formatting, and finally a .txt file that contains your content.

Simple. Easy. Enjoy!

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Photoshop Flyer Template for Business

Summer Sale Commerce Flyer Photoshop Template

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Everlasting - Royalty Free Piano Music

Soft, Gentle Royalty Free Music Fun, positive, uplifting Royalty Free Music Dark, cinematic, Royalty-Free Piano Music Cinematic Piano Collection at a discounted price, Royalty-Free Music

Marketplace Projects That Use My Music

Marketplace authors are very welcome to use my watermarked previews in their project previews free of charge! Many VideoHive authors have already used my music to embellish their projects and you can too! Simply download the audio preview directly from the audio player, use it in your preview, and then credit me with a link back to my item page inside your item description. Here are some of the projects that have used my music so far!

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