Customisable Countdown Flipping Clock

Countdown Flip Clock is a countdown widget done in the retro style of the clocks and clock radios of the 1960’s and 1970’s, before we had LED or LCD display technologies.

Some of the benefits of this widget are

‘Drag and Drop’ publishing – The clock is an entirely self contained piece of Flash. Just drop it into any of your own Flash work, and publish !

All vector construction – meaning you can scale / resize the components to suit the size of your project, with no loss of quality or pixelization.

Extremely compact – the clock is only 4kb in size.

Realistic ‘flip’ digits – the animation of the digits mimics the real world clock including a ‘rebound bounce’ on the changing numbers.

Decide on your own event when the timer ticks down – You could load a web page, launch a different piece of Flash, or any other event you want. Full details are given on how to customise this.

Set countdown events up to 999 days away – You can set the countdown event to the accuracy of one second, and up to 999 days ahead.

Easily change the precision of the clock – because of its modular construction, it takes just moments to remove unwanted digits from the display. For example, to alter the clock to have a two digit day countdown, and no seconds display.

Fast and easy setting of colours – you can alter the colours of the digits, and the colours of the background by editing single symbols – change the whole colour scheme in seconds.

Edit number shapes to use different font – the structure of the movie is completely open, and full details are documented on how to edit the symbol shapes to get a completely new font on the clock display.

Use the flip display digits for other projects – Although I’ve built these into a clock, the display elements can be quickly and easily re-used to show other numeric values such as a counter in a game. An example .fla of using it as a scoreboard for a game is included in the source.

All actionscript is editable – No compiled components are used and all actionscript is editable

Detailed documentation – including full breakdown and explanation of all actionscript.