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Customisable Youtube/Vimeo/FLV/MP3/Image Gallery

Customisable Youtube/Vimeo/FLV/MP3/Image Gallery



Play any media you want; HD videos, audio files, youtube videos, vimeo videos, view images, turn your player into slideshow with images, play advertisement video or add advertisement as images to your player. Customize everything; colors, sizes, graphic effects and much more!

Easy setup. Fully customisable.

Easy setup via XML – change player size, colors, graphic effects…All player controls (buttons, menus…) are resizeable, as well as whole gallery (resizeable thumbnails, titles….) Turn “off” player part you dont need (for example if you dont want to have share menu, simply enter “off” in xml and other buttons willl reposition). You can easily edit player appereance ( colors, sizes, shadows, spaces), functionality, videos, descriptions, links, logo, advertisements…

Create your gallery in minutes just by editing XML file! If you don’t need gallery, simply turn it “off” in xml setting and use it as single player. Video player without gallery is even able to play multiple media one after another if you choose to, with next and previous functions.

STAGE VIDEO support – New way to render video!

Stage Video works with all of the existing video on the web viewed in Flash Player. The Stage Video API enables beautiful, high-performance video playback across platforms. Stage Video helps websites deliver best-in-class video across screens and browsers by enabling access to hardware acceleration. Improved playback quality while reducing processor usage by up to 85 percent, which translates into higher frame rates on less powerful devices, higher pixel fidelity and also less memory usage. This enhanced performance builds on the benefits of H.264 hardware accelerated decoding.

YOUTUBE + VIMEO + all video formats (Full HD) support

With this video player you can playFLV, F4V, MP4, M4A, MOV, MP4V, 3GP, 3G2 if they contain H.264 video, HEAAC v2 encoded audio, or both.
Also, you can play your videos from YOUTUBE or VIMEO.

MP3 support

You can turn your video player to mp3 player – play audio files (.mp3) with all functional controls (play, pause, mute, seek…). For every single .mp3 file playing you can have different image displaying on screen, check Example 5.

Image support (.JPG .PNG .GIF)

With this player you can also view images of any sizes. Images will automatically fit player maintaining it’s original aspect ratio all time. When you are viewing your images, controls are disabled, check Example 5.

Play all aspect ratios

Play 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, 16:10, 2.21:1, 2.35:1, 2.39:1, 5:4, etc….and maintain the original aspect ratio all time (no matter what size the whole player is), for all supported videos/images (and images for mp3 playback).

Video Advertisement & Image Advertisement

Every video can have own advertisement. Ads can be displayed as videos (with stage video), or as images (.jpg, .png .gif). Image ads can be displayed at any time you want during playback (for example set your time to – 00:05-00:10). You can set duration of image advertisement, size and external link when clicked. Also, ads can be easily turned “off” if you don’t need it.
Advertisement video formats: FLV, F4V, MP4, M4A, MOV, MP4V, 3GP, 3G2


You can insert your logo as any image (.jpg, .png .gif). You can change: logo size, logo position (top-left, bottom-left, bottom-right) and external link when clicked, all configurable via xml. Also it can be easily turned “off” if you don’t need it.

View on IPhone & IPad

To view flash on IPhone & IPad download the browser Cloud Browse

Other player details:

  • video preview image – every video can have own image showing before playing
  • autohide controls – set custom seconds in XML
  • hide/show gallery
  • next/previous buttons – for videos, mp3, or images
  • now playing text – you can change text size, text color, turn it “off”
  • autoplay – true / false
  • autoplay next video on finish if you choose to
  • YouTube quality menu (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p) – you can set your own starting YouTube quality or change it during playback
  • volume settings – set your starting volume from 0 to 100%. The value you set it will be starting volume for every video in gallery
  • complete share menu control (facebook, mail, twitter, myspace, flickr, linkedin, blogger, delicious, wordpress, rss). Turn “on/off” share icons individualy (for example – use just facebook and twitter, turn others “off” easily). Change size of share icons and spacing between them
  • embed code – this is for visitors so they can embed your player/gallery
  • information window with HTML formatted text – it means you can insert links, change fonts, sizes with standard HTML tags
  • special characters supported – Â, â, Ä, ä, È, è, É, é, Æ, æ, Û, û, Ü, ü, Œ, œ, Ç, ç, ©, ®, ™, °, £, €, Ö, ö, ô, Ê, ê, Ï, ï, î
  • rewind function – to play your media from beggining
  • fullscreen support – when fullscreen mode, all your media (image or video) will fit screen maintaining original aspect ratio
  • play/pause with mouse click or keyboard Space key
  • gallery mouse control – 2 options: you can scroll with mouse wheel over gallery, or “disable” scrollbar and control gallery with mouse hover over gallery. You can increase/decrease scrolling speed in XML, depending on how long gallery is
  • tooltips support (optional)
    • for current/elapsed time
    • for volume %
    • for player controls
  • Vimeo Player have own skin and controls
  • setup instructions included

Fully resizeable. Fully skinnable.

Change all possible colors to blend in your website!
  • Resize for your needs:
    • total player width and height
    • total gallery width and height
    • resizeable gallery items
    • resizeable gallery thumbnails
    • resizeable gallery titles
    • resizeable gallery descriptions
    • resizeable all controls (play, pause, rewind, volume…)
    • resizeable all buttons over screen (gallery, share, quality, embed…)
    • resizeable scrollbar (thickness, height)
    • resizeable video time
    • resizeable tooltips (volume %, elapsed time, current time, controls tooltips)
    • resizeable progress bar, volume bar
    • resizeable logo
    • resizeable advertisement image
    • resizeable info window: change width and height, change text margins from left/right of info window, change text margins from top/bottom of info window
  • Change graphic effects:
    • buttons shadow (yes/no)
    • buttons shadow intensity (set your value)
    • buttons enlarge on mouse over (yes/no, set your enlarging value)
    • gradient on/off
    • gradient intensity (0-100%)
    • shine on/off
    • shine intensity
  • Change alpha (transparency) from 0 to 100 %:
    • control bar
    • play button
    • quality, share and gallery buttons
    • tooltips
    • information window
    • quality window
    • logo
  • gallery is resizeable in anyway possible:
    • change thumbnail size
    • change title size
    • change descriptions size
    • change gallery width
    • gallery height
    • change scrollbar width
    • change scrollbar height
  • change gallery appereance:
    • scrollbar can be turned “on/off” (when scrollbar turned “off” you can control gallery with mouse hover over gallery)
    • title can be turned “on/off”
    • description can be turned “on/off”
  • loop gallery(goes to 1. video when finished playing; set time how long this effect will take)
  • you have an option to create gallery slideshows with preview images (this video player can be used dinamically as banner with auto sliding images on screen while user is not interacting with player )
  • load thumbnails of any size and they will automatically resize and fit the gallery
  • you can play different videos (from Youtube or Vimeo, or any kind of video that flash player supports), audio files (mp3), and images (.jpg, .png, .gif)

Free support:

If you have any questions you can contact me through contact form on my profile page: http://activeden.net/user/_zac_

Customisation support:

If you have any additional customisation demands, also contact me through contact form on my profile page: http://activeden.net/user/_zac_

Please rate the file on your download’s page, thanks.


version 1.2 (22.11.2012.)

  • Addded video advertisement

version 1.1 (6.11.2012.)

  • improved share menu: every social button can be disabled individualy so yo can choose which social buttons you want to use. Change share icons size and spacing between icons.
  • improved info window: change info window width, height, set text margin from left/right, set text margin from top/bottom of info window
  • updated help file
  • fixed tooltip position


Thanks to Dorde Pivnicki, great Videohive author, his YouTube and MP4 videos are used in preview. If you like videos, you can view his portfolio here:

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