As easy as drag and drop – and it is not a component – that means, you can easily change the graphics if you must.

You can add as much text as you want, because the scroller reads an html file you pass to it. This means you can add links, change colors, size of the text, embed images and much more.

The scroller will autoresize, based on the size you will make the dynamic text. The colors can be changed in the code, by passing the hexa code of the color, and the scroller will adjust to those values. If there is less text in the field, and there is no need for a scroller, the scroller will not be visible. You can add as many scrollers as you want in a single movieclip, each can be customized in different colors and sizes.

If you change the text in the html files, the scroller will read the new text, and it will scroll as much as needed to display the new text. No need to open the fla file and readjust it.

Enjoy it, I always use it when it comes to dynamic text.

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