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very nice file :)

really nice transition! :)

Awesome effect, congrats ;)

Beautiful transition, so smooth too! :)

Great effect. Good job :)

Very nice file !!!

An excellent piece of work. Charming and wonderful…....*

The effect is really nice… unfortunately there is no facility of text …. if you can put this feature, i would surely buy it ! :)

1- Can the transition particles be made smaller? I am thinking of a 125×125 px picture set. for a box ad sequence. Will it scale down well for this sort of image size?

2- Can the background colour be changed from white to another?

3- Could transitions revela the next image, not a background?


Hi again!

Well I’ve developed this thing quite some time ago and its not really fresh in my head…

The bgcolor can be easily changed from the FLA . The particles …. could be made smaller, but I’ll have to digg in the code to reset them.

Same for the third question – I’ll have to make some special mods to make this work like so.


Everything works great but if I embed main.swf in HTML nothing happends. I think there is some errors to the images in resizer.php. If i execute the file in browser there are many warnings, but if I create a new map called images on server the resizer.php seems to be pretty.. Any ideas to solve this problem ? I have send an PM to Author (I dont want to show my URL ) Best Regards Nick

Hi Martin

Sorry, I have wrong directory on server. Problem solved! If you want you can delete my message abowe.

Only one question left I have TEXT in all images 260×140px, when I set resizer.php to 260×140px the TEXT will be Jagged and destroyed in pixels. Is it possible to set exactly size to images without scale ? Best Regards Nick

Hi Nick,

Well, the script would need to get modified in order to do that…

If you want more precision I’d recommend cropping & resizing your images in photoshop or other desktop application for image manipulation. Php scripts are not very precise in resizing….

Regards, Martin