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DeepScroller V.1.0

DeepScroller V.1.0

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Deep Scroller

DeepScroller is a component that allows to move a group of image layers to get depth effect or 3D effect. It also has a number of subcomponents (HotSpots, ActiveZones, ToolTips) that used together make of this a great tool.


ActionScript: 3.0 version only.
Flash IDE: CS3 or higher.
Flash Player: Flash Player 9 or higher.


  • MXP Component, easy installation.
  • Drag’n Drop and Inspectable Properties
  • ActionScript Instance
  • LivePreview.
  • Including ToolTip, HotSpot Component.
  • ActiveZone* Component with circular and square shape or a custom one.
  • Unlimited layers and Fully customizable.
  • Special Methods: start(), stop(), moveTo().
  • Panning Orientation (only vertical, only horizontal or both).
  • Custom acceleration and sliding time.
  • Automatic ordering of the layers by size.
  • CLICK detection in ActiveZones for custom actions.
  • Resizable.

  • You can see User Guide (English) here
    You can see User Guide (Spanish) here
    You can see the ActionScript reference here

    Any Bug or Question??, please contact me here


    I am very grateful to these people for giving me your support with their awesome photos. Rolf Lillfors, Jake Williamson, Nicolas, Javier González, Dan Shirley, Miguel Saavedra from SXC

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