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Really ! master of preloaders !

this script or timline based…?

tb11 Author

They are all script based.

wow those are sick, very unique

How east /hard would it be to convert these to AS3 ?


I love your preloaders ! I want to purchase the file, but I would like to know if I can use this preloader for external jpgs I’m loading through the loadMovie method ‘as2.0). thanks for your answer.

I need an alt version of #2 and #3 that is just an animation with no % that I can use when my system is busy. So it would not act like a loader. Can you send me one or let me know how to edit it?

I am having a huge issue with this. If I take the partical wind framaes, the main as config is no where ot be found all I see is:

function drawPercent(per) { preloader.drawPercent(per); } stop(); _parent.stop();

onEnterFrame = function () { if (this.ispreview != “preview”;) { var per = _parent.getBytesLoaded()/_parent.getBytesTotal(); this.drawPercent(per); } };

Can I get 2 and 3 and separate files?

diamond fire is off the chain

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Nice work.

I have a question though. How can I get the preleaders to finish after loading 50% of the swf instead of 100%? While at the same time, have the counter indicate 100%.

Basically I only want to preload a certain amount and have the rest load while the screen is being viewed instead of having to wait until the entire thing has loaded. Hope that makes sense. THX