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What is DENSE Photo Gallery?

It’s a unique flash photo gallery which was designed for photographers and professionals. Beside the dense layout it allows also to build grids and centered compositions.

Do I need flash to edit this Photo Gallery?

No! You can edit nearly everything with the provided XML files. There are over 80 XML options which will allow you to create and customize your projects out of the box!

If you don’t know how to handle XML files watch this video tutorial.

Can I use special characters?

Yes, you can do this once you have embedded correctly your charset from the flash source. In most cases it’s enough to open the library with F11 and just switch the font.

If you still have issues, then create an empty dynamic text field outside the stage and embed the charset from there.If you don’t know how to add special characters watch this video tutorial.

I’m getting strange errors about sandbox security or loading errors. What’s this?

Probably nothing to worry about. Keep sure you have published your SWF file in the right place and you’re testing it online. Some files are not allowed to be played locally like flickr photos unless you’re running them in the Flash IDE or into an executable file.

The provided source files publish in the root of the deploy folder, you must drag the dense flash file inside the SWF folder to get a clean and working site once you open the html pages. Keep also sure your XML links are correct, avoid using uppercase and try using absolute links if it’s not working on your server. If there is still an issue with the loading process, test it in the Flash IDE and watch the trace where it shows exactly the node and what kind of problem occurred. You might also enable the debugMode from the xml options to see the error in the browser.

If you’re loading content from other domains keep sure you’re loading the crossdomain.xml from that domain with the correct rules. Read more about Policy files here:http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/articles/fplayer9_security.html

I need a not supported feature, what shall I do?

You can either do it yourself by editing the provided source files or you can hire me and I’ll do the dirty work for you. Just contact me for a quote.

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