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i am interested on refresh, to open an alert window

berprado Purchased

Hi Domenico, i have purchased your great app some time ago and i´ve been waiting to see if a new version came out considering some of the requests made by the users, including mine, but it seems it wont.

Therefore i´m taking your word and i would please ask you to help me out adding a couple of features that you once said you could help implementing.

1.- Allow the user to choose or not the auto start of the application when the pc starts.

2.- Add some kind of warning on the tray icon telling the user that new content is available

Hope to hear from you soon

Thanks in advance


Hi Berprado,

I’ll help you with that. Please, send me an email.

Regards! Dom

Thanks, great air app, will be trying out your other air apps, keep them coming ;)

what does this app need on our clients pcs other than a browser like IE or FF ? does it need AIR or Flash in order to install it and run it? thank you


On the Clients, just AIR and web connection. On the Dev, Flex Builder.


berprado Purchased

Hi Domenico, did you get the mail i´ve sent at your request? Regards


I’ve sent you a reply :)

Hi Domenico,

Berprado’s request really fit with mine… so what’s the deal to get these features ?

thanks Guillaume

mvav Purchased

i bought this app and its great.

flex is actually pretty simple really. i even altered the look and feel of it and changed the size of the whole app to fit some banners on the top and bottom. but the banner part ended up making me go a bit crazy.

What i am trying to do is serve my own banners from a web server to the app. i tried to put in an xml flash banner rotator, but air seems to not let it connect to the xml file once its inside the app. probably because i am not doing something correctly.

is there a simple way you could add 2 banners that pull xml data remotely with the xml file data holding the following 3 things.

1 image location – http://www.example.com/image.jpg

2 link for the banner ad – click and you go to http://www.example.com

3 time between ad rotations

this would make it so i could easily alter the xml file on my webserver and just toss some new images in when i get another advertiser. btw they dont pay money for the ads, its a group of friends.

also wanted to say i really like your video player too. i will definitely be buying that in the next month.

mvav Purchased

also you can extend the amount of rss feeds to an infinite amount if you use yahoo pipes and feed burner.

setup yahoo pipes with all your rss feeds and sort them however you want them to be. then grab the rss feed from it and put it into a feedburner feed. the feedburner rss link is compatible with this air app so you just put it in per instructions.

now you have a feed you can setup and change however you want and its not stuck with whats hard coded.

Domenico if you want i could write this up for you if anyone needed more than the 3 feeds in the app. Its pretty easy to setup everything.

mvav Purchased

guess i spoke too soon. i got the flash .swf to load and remotely access the .xml file. I was right it was just me being dumb and not realizing the simplest things.

i also grabbed up the youtube desktop app you made. It is really nice. you are seriously talented.


Thank you so much for the comments and hints!! :) I’ll definitely look into this solutions,

Best Regards Domenico

Hi Domecio,

Thnx for the great app. I need your help a little;

1- I want to titles/headlines clickable too..

2- I want to put an add at the bottom of the app like your example:


3- And last i know some of the buyers ask for it but if its possible to customize the app for image support, i’ll happy to pay for it. I’ll be glad if you can assist with me for this issues.



Hi! Thanks for purchasing!

Please send me an email through my profile page? :)

Regards! Domênico

I have to tell you this is amazing..!!! I would like to order right now, but I have a question.

I will need a customization, like adding a web form for tracking porpouse, so whem my clients add tracking number they get redirect to default browser and get results..


Can we track the number of installs and uninstalls for this app ?

Regards, Gautam


You would need a little customization for this. But it’s possible.


berprado Purchased

Domenico, i´ve sent you an email and got no response, can you please help me out, i want to place an ad on the app as shown here http://www.domeniconicola.com/envato/sponsor.gif

Thanks in advance


Hi berprado.

Sure! It’s easy to do. Please send me this email again… I think i lost the previous one.


Hello Domenico, Just tried to install yoir demo… I get security alert… PUBLISHER IDENTITY : UNKNOWN SYSTEM ACCESS : UNRESTRICTED ... I’m not really afraid to install anyway but others will be!!! Is there any solution to fix this ENORMOUS problem??? Thanks

Hi Domenico. I sent you an e-mail few days ago with some questions regarding this app … Did you get it ?

MistD Purchased

Buyers beware … Domenico is unreachable. There is NO SUPPORT anymore for his apps. I tried to contact him multiple times for over a month now and he didn’t replied to any of my e-mails. :(

He used to reply to comments here as far as i can see it ..

Hi this is app run for multiple RSS reader like I want to add multiple FEEDs and create category for them like NEWS,FOOD,SOCIAL etc feed based on their nature can I do that with this???


Video/images and links can be posted via this app?:”


hi still you provide support for this app?