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`app muito legal … Bom vĂȘ-lo em torno de Dominico :P



Nice idea… the only issue…. I can only see half of the app. the other half is hidden out of the screen.

I am using a MacBook Air

Other question… can you read online videos like youtube or it’s just local?


Hi Jf, thanks for your report! Something went wrong on the preview upload.. I’m fixing and re-submitting the preview right now..

But, the preview player is just for preview reasons, because the app runs on your desktop.. for a perfect idea of the file you can install it from the badge on the preview :) The source is perfect :)

This file is just for FLV movie files, doesn’t support youtube videos.

Best Regards! Domenico

wosinekp Purchased

I want to add rss from facebook and I get error: “Description Resource Path Location Type The reference to entity “format” must end with the ’;’ delimiter. main.mxml /source/src line 24 Flex Problem” My RSS from facebook: http://www.facebook.com/feeds/page.php?id=295270817643&format=rss20



Hi Wosinek,

I’m looking at it. Please send me an email through my profile page.

Regards, Domenico

Very Cool Work , congrats… :)

I commmented out all but one <video></video> tag in the dataVideoApp.xml file. Everything on the video thumb layout disappears. I am trying to customize the interface to make one thumb and one video. How do I go about this? Project is due very soon, please get back as soon as possible.


The software did not run with flash builder 4.5 The documentation shows an old builder interface and a lot of informations are very old. If you deploy the project, flash builder 4.5 sends a lot of errors. Do’nt buy this program. You lost you money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Actually, it works. You just need to select the correct SDK on Project Settings. As it was made with 3.5 and Flex 4.5 use 4.5 as default. Regards

Hello Domenico, do u offer customisation services for this app ?

Hi, I bought the Youtube App and before I bought it I really wanted one with both the news and the videos. Is there anyway I could upgrade to this one and just pay the $3 difference please?


Can be redirect to the full article? And can I use this news module embed into flash site?

Thank you



I was hoping I could get your help on something probably very minimal for you but quite a feat for me. I purchased your Desktop Video Reader some time ago but have recently come across a need for it yet again. It currently kicks out a .air file from Flash Builder but I am in need of a .swf. I want everything to stay as it is, I just need Flash Builder to output a .swf file instead of an air file. Also, I need to be able to stream .mp4 video. I know it does mov; I never tried it personally. Again, I need to be able to stream .mp4 files.

If you can provide directions because its simple enough to do, then I would be most grateful. If it is something I need to pay for, please tell me what this would cost. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you, and Happy New Year!