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Hi, does this support special characters like ÑÑíóúéá? and are you available through freelance jobs?




Yes it is! :) No, i’m not! :( (not now)

I am interested in your app, but I am not interested in my users being able to see the video on youtube by clicking on the logo in fullscreen mode. Is there anyway to prevent this from happening when in fullscreen mode? Also, when in normal mode, can we raise the height of the transport overlay so they can not click the logo in standard mode either. Lastly, Can this be exported from Flex as a .swf or air file only?

few questions :-

I need that i should have a menu type structure like—>

Today videos :- Yesterday Videos :- 5th may :- 4th May :- ...

and when a user clicks on it, then different videos are shown..

is this possible

and is it possible to mask youtube logo..??

i have no knowledge of AIR

Hi have bought the Desktop Video and Desktop Youtube Apps, downloaded and installed Adobe Flashbuilder 4.6 Trial (830mb) but when i try to export the file after following your instructions, there are export errors which occurs and it wont export. I have saved screenshots of the errors. Please can you help me to get these products to work.