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Digital Delivery Flash Shop V1.0

Digital Delivery Flash Shop V1.0

::: Important Update on 16.08.2009 :::
• PHP Code Modification, make this compatible with both PHP4 and PHP5 server
Help File updated, with detailed Instructions on:
– IPN URL setting
– PayPal account setting
– Product setting in XML
– Product setting in PHP
• News Ticker BUG removed

PayPal Flash XML Shop with Digital Delivery
All Products and their properties like description Texts, price and photos are dynamic and initialize from separate XML files then you can update them very easily.

What’s new in this Shop?
- Four separate main categories for Your Digital Products, I name these Software, Music, Movie and Game.
- Preview Options for Music and Movie Products
- XML News Ticker for each main category
- Contact Form with confirmation email to Administrator and Customer
- and a Special Design that you can see there yourself!
- After each PayPal payment Confirmation, the Shop create and send two emails to Administrator and Buyer, this email contains a Secure Download Link with expiration Time Limit. This function needs a PHP server.

What kind of Products can I sell with this Shop?
I designed this shop like an Ecommerce website, we have 4 main categories as Follows:
- Software
- Music
- Movie
- Game
You can change these Categories name according to your needs, each of them feed separately from a definite XML file, you can find these in xml Folder in Project root.
Then as you see you are able to sell all type of Digital Products with this Shop!

How does the Shop work on Music & Movie preview sessions and configure their download Links?
For each Music and Movie, we have a seperate feeding XML file to initilize the preview Player with waterMark files, you put all these in music and FLV folder, these are Totaly different from Download file under Download folder.

Note:This Shop needs a PHP server but no SQL Database;)
There is also a Complete Help.doc to help you for Total customizing of this Shop like Contents, PayPal cart setting and all you need to change.