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Diving Duck XML Flash Game

Diving Duck XML Flash Game

Diving Duck XML Flash Game

Control a diving duck and collect as many fish as you can!

The game is inside a movieclip called gameClip, so you can just copy all the library assets into your own FLA library and then drag out the gameClip onto the stage and that’s it! Your game is in your own FLA .

XML options:

You can add your own HTML text inside the <-splash_screen_text> tag. Use the <-font> tag to set the size and color. Use <-br> tags to set a line break. Use <-u> for underline. Please refer to my original text for an example of HTML text.

difficulty_increment_speed tag: The number you write here decides how fast the game will become harder and harder as time passes. So, for example you can write in 0.5 for a very easy and slow game or you can write in 5 for a very hard and fast game.

power_increment_amount tag: This number decides how fast the power bar is filled up when the mouse is pressed down.

breath_decrement_amount tag: This number decides how fast the duck’s breath runs out when it’s under water.

fish_spawn_interval_in_seconds tag: This number you write in here is the seconds for fish spawn. So if you put in 3 for example, a fish will be created every 3 seconds. Write in 0.5 and a fish will be created every half second. Low number = a lot of fish; high number = very few fish.

minutes_to_start_with tag: This is the game clock time. How many minutes you want on the clock before the game ends.

fish_speed tag: This is the base/average speed of the fishes. The speed is increased over time using the difficulty tag value.

AS3 only. Opens with Flash CS3 and above only.

Step by step instructions are included and code is commented. Also, an html file is included to demonstrate SWF embedding.

Game also comes with my Easy Drag and Drop XML Music Toggle Button

Games inclues my music loop Piano by the Sea

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