Document Launcher Native Extension for Android

This file contains an Adobe Native Extension ( for Air/Android. This will let you open any file (document, audio, video, image, pdf, etc.) with the corresponding registered Android App.

If no application is registered with a particular extension, a Toast message will be shown.

The extension can be used with:

  • Flash Builder Flex Mobile projects (project example included)
  • Flash Builder ActionScript Mobile projects (project example included)
  • Flash Professional CS6 (project example included)
  • Flash Professional CS5 .5 (note that this is for advanced users only: you will have to use the ADT tool and an example project is not included)

Using the ane is very simple. Just declare:

var docLauncher:DocLauncher = new DocLauncher();

The preview example shows the Flex project. Upon installing, a folder including some example files will be copied in your documents folder to show the functionalities.

Release Notes
  • rel 01.00: initial release
  • rel 01.01: added custom messages for file not found and activity not found. The extension now returns true if the document was successfully opened (thanks djankey for the ideas!)
  • rel 01.02: added Flash Professional CS6 example

Note: you can also check these features on this amazing air file: AirExplorer (google play store).