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Can I change donation currency?

Yes! As you create donation boxes or as you edit existing ones, you can set donation currency and currency symbol via admin console!

Can I change design?

The thermometer design is not vector, it’s bitmap (png images) but it’s simply a movieclip with 100 frame animation… you can create your own 100 frame animation and voila… it’s all your design now

How many donation boxes can i manage in admin console?

You can create unlimited numbers of Donation Boxes with different donation target amount and minimum donation amount…

Is IPN included?

Yes, Paypal IPN system has been implemented into this application, so when someone donates to your donation box, application automatically adds donation amount and donor’s info into donation box

Is it Live?

Yes, You don’t need to refresh page to see if new donations come along… Application refreshes automatically every 5 seconds. So you can see newly coming donations automatically

Does it calculate fees?

Yes, In Donation Box details, as you can see it calculates the fee taken by Paypal. So you can see the actual amount in your donation box without fees.

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