Donation PayPal Button Multiple currency

Donation PayPal Button Multiple currency  - ActiveDen Item for Sale

Donation PayPal Button/Multiple currency

Donation PayPal Action script 2.0.

  • Flash 8 and flash CS3 are available for download.
  • Support all international PayPal countries .
  • Submit your currency through right click.
  • The amount is set up by the client.
  • Button size 9kb,11kb,18kb.
  • Drag and drop the button to your work space and you are done .
  • 3 sets of PayPal button`s roll effects , you can edit colors .
  • This button can support 1 currency if you want, just remove 1 line of code .
  • HTML help file.
  • Enjoy .
  • For AS3 version click the link below, note that the AS3 version is more advances then the AS2 version
  • AS3 version