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Drawing Application - Blackboard

Drawing Application - Blackboard

A resizable digital blackboard with interactive chalk pieces and eraser.

Now with PHP email form! It does not appear to work on ActiveDen, so if you would like to see this in action, visit the live demo below.

If you would prefer a whiteboard instead, click here.

Live demo of the application with PHP email script enabled.

Image showing the picture sent by email

Update November, 2011

  • Text element added.
  • BCC option for email
  • Improved text field customization in XML
  • Better image quality in emailed picture
  • Various bugfixes

    Features overview

  • Well-documented: Read-me PDF included.
  • Preloader, showing the amount of elements loaded.
  • Resizable board: application fits to any format by looping graphics.
  • Chalk pieces and eraser you can pick up any use
  • Add as many pieces of chalk you like, with custom color and position.
  • Configure the way the chalk lines look through 4 options in the XML .
  • Dynamics in the way the chalk lines look: speed increases the spread of the line.
  • Show pre-loaded images on the board, which can be set to be erasable.
  • Simple mode: no chalk pieces or eraser, but draw just using mouse.

    Customizable through XML

  • Board width and height
  • Path to the image folder
  • Path to the sounds folder
  • Minimal spread of chalk line
  • Maximal spread of chalk line
  • Brush density
  • Black to white ratio
  • Use simple mode (yes/no)
  • Use eraser (yes/no)
  • Use hide mouse (yes/no)
  • Use sound (yes/no)
  • Use preloaded image (yes/no)
  • Can erase preloaded image (yes/no)
  • Show holder (yes/no)
  • Positioning of elements
  • Text
  • Image names
  • Amount of chalk pieces, positioning and color

    Chalk sounds by Robinhood76 from freesound.org

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