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Dreamviewer w/ Deep Linking

Dreamviewer w/ Deep Linking

  • Update 1 (18/12/09)

    The file can now load SWF files as well as images!
  • General Features

  1. Multi-purpose fullscreen image viewer: Use it to quickly set up a photo album to show your family and friends, show your photographic portfolio to potential buyers or employers, or even use it for in-house slide presentations.
  2. Deep linking with SWFAddress: Enable back/forward browser buttons and bookmark specific URLs.
  3. Fully XML driven with unlimited number of images.
  4. Set auto-play to true/false.
  5. Play music – Set music auto-play to true or false.
  6. Change theme color in XML.
  7. XML path set in HTML embed code using Flashvars.
  • Images

  1. Image smoothing using BitmapData class to keep image quality on screen resize.
  2. Image resizes depending on browser window size, keeping the original image size ratio.
  3. HTML formated title and description for each image.
  4. You can change the following parameters for both title and description in the xml: Background color, background alpha and amount of animation blur.
  5. For the description, you can also set the width of the description area in xml.
  6. Set slideshow delay and SWFAddress name to add to browser URL for each image.
  • Control Panel

  1. Play/Pause image slideshow, and Next/Previous buttons.
  2. Numbered thumbnails with auto-slide.
  3. Fullscreen, music mute/unmute and control panel close button.
  4. If control panel is closed, it will re-open on mouse move.
  5. Image preloading and slideshow progress bars.
  • Keyboard Controls

  1. SPACE BAR = Toggle Play/Pause slideshow.
  2. Right/Left arrow keys = Next/Previous image.
  3. F = Enter Fullscreen
  4. Esc = Leave fullscreen
  5. S = Mute/Unmute sound
  6. C = Close/Open control panel.
  • Special Thanks

  1. Thanks to Leto for the sound track – The sound track is not included in the download, but you can purchase it here
  2. Thanks to www.photos8.com for the public domain images.
  • Enjoy!

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