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Dust Particles effect - background animation

Dust Particles effect - background animation

Dust, powder particles float in space. Great background clip with smooth movement,
Suitable for dramatic atmosphere, slow motion or underwater scene. This effect will upgrade any light source, sky or water image, and give it a kind of 3d feeling.

• File weight is only 1kb !!
• Very easy to implement, each and every AS is perfectly explained
• Easily Drag & Drop with built-in mask. (You can place it wherever you want on the stage).
• You can easily change color, shape and parameters.

You can set these following features:
• Specify the width and height of effect area.
• Specify the scale size of the Cell.
• Determine the quantity of Cells.
• Determine the Vertical speed.
• Determine the Horizontal speed.
• Determine the Scaling-speed of Cells.
• Select which corner the floating will come from:
RightBottom / LeftBottom / TopRight / TopLeft.
Of-course, you can easily change the background image.

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