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Dynamic Button Component

Dynamic Button Component

This is a “COMPONENT” which means you can change all you need to have this work in the parameters panel.

  • 56 icons
  • 100% vector
  • No action Script knowledge required to set your buttons colors or animations
  • *

    You can see the parameters panel in the Menus Bar >Windows>Properties>Parameters

    You can change in the PARAMETERS PANEL:

  • Icon= pick from the list- Choose the icon you want to show in the button. To add more icons go below and find “ADD NEW ICONS” or use the easiest way changing a current movie clip icon.
  • Label = “text”– This is the text that will appear below the button as label, leave empty if you don’t want a label.
  • Text Color: pick a color – Choose a color from the palette to apply to the text.
  • Text Glow: “True” or “False” – Use this to add a small glow effect to the label.
  • Finishing= Normal, Metal, Wood, Grass, Glass, Rocks – Choose the finishing for your buttons. You can also edit this directly in the movie clip.
  • Shine = “True” or “False” – Use this to show or hide the shine of the button
  • Button Color = pick a color – Choose a color from the palette for the button.
  • Glow = “True” or “False” – Use this to show or hide the glow effect to the entire button
  • Color Glow = pick a color – You can pick a color directly from a palette to apply to the button glow.
  • RollOver light FX = “True” or “False” – This will add a light shining effect over the button. * We recommend do not use if you are not using the shine option.
  • RollOver Icon FX = “True” or “False” – This will add a Elastic effect to the icon when you place the mouse over.

    You will receive the instructions on how to make your own icons and add to the component list to use directly. The help file is very well explained with screen shoots included.

    NOTE: We have removed the live preview from the file you received because it works differently than the component AND you can find all the icons in the library so you can easily drag and use where ever your want.

    Victor says: (buyer)

    strengths: flash8 version, easy to use through the name of liaison, component easy to drag and drop, possibility to make oneself its own icons, options many component very practical, help file very complete and easy to understand, low prices… perfect ?!? to other buyers to say. 5* ! I hope you will other types of menus : verticals, horizontals, with several levels… you full of opportunities and buyers. nothing was found easier than the components. Thanks.

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