File Update on 28 April 2011
File Updated on 14 January 2011
All in one dynamic random crossword game. You don’t need any other tool, flash takes care of everything. Reads words and clues from an xml file and randomly generates the game. To see its randomness, refresh the preview page or quit from the current game and restart. Features:

  • Can have multiple categories or just a single one.
  • Totally interactive: Select a cell in the crossword grid and its corresponding clue will be automatically selected in the accordion, or select a clue and its corresponding cell will be selected in the grid. User friendly keyboard shortcuts: press the tab to select the next word, shift to invert selection direction, arrow keys to move to other cells, backspace to delete the current letter, space to move to the next letter.
  • The words and clues are stored in an xml file.
  • Supports images along with clues. (See the category ‘Animals’ for eg). All the images are preloaded in the background even before the are selected.
  • All the configuration is placed in the config.xml file. Some of the configuration items are:
    • All the text seen the game can be localized.
    • Number of rows and columns in the crossword grid.
    • Cell highlight colors and text format.
    • Colors of the accordion clues, background of the crossword grid, tooltips, background pattern color.
    • Enable revealing words and letters.
    • Enable balloons.
    • Enable solve button.
    • Component properties (alert blur amount, accordion open-close duration etc.)
  • Animated letter and word revealing.
  • Number of revealings can be unlimited, restricted or can totally be deactivated in the config.xml.
  • You can also see clues as balloons (tooltips) when you hover the mouse over the first letter of a word.
  • Displays a time counter or a timer according to your configuration.
  • This item includes my accordion and Flex like alert components.

Note: Because the crossword is based on randomization, not all of the words will be rendered in a session. It is best to put as many as words as possible for each category for eg. at least 20.