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Dynamic Elegant Gallery 2 - Circles

Dynamic Elegant Gallery 2 - Circles

Gallery with a clean look and a nice style. :)


When we show an swf or a video in the big circle tool tip, their sound keeps on playing even after we move out our mouse, because the tool tip is not destroyed. A small glitch that I forgot to check out. :P Please send me an e-mail to get an updated version. Also, I have updated the file to not to show the decimals on the start up pre-loader text box.



1. Easily editable, just via xml.
2. Audio file and volume can be controlled via xml for the center music player.
3. Minimum dimensions for the website can be set. So, that it doesn’t go smaller than that.
4. Bottom page remains center aligned no matter what resolution we are using. The thumbnails are assigned a percentage position, so they adjust automatically as soon as the browser re-sizes.
5. Bottom page showing the image, swf or video can be re-sized using the icon given at the top right corner.
6. Minimum width and height for the bottom page can also be set for re-sizing.
7. Add as many categories and items as you want.
8. No Scrollbars. Just Move the mouse to read the content everywhere.
9. Thumbnails can be moved.
10. Descriptions can be assigned with each item thumbnail, which can be viewed at 2 places. Descriptions can be in html format and as long as we want.
11. An item can be a image, swf or a video. A video player appears with items with type “video”. Video is also played on the big round tool tip.
12. Informative tool tips, where ever required.
13. If images are bigger than the page width or height, panning can be done, for moving the images from left to right or top to bottom, to be viewed fully.
14. Number buttons appear with the page for the selected category. They also show the item previews in the small tool tip.
15. Pre-loaders are put where ever necessary.
16. Full Screen Support.
17. Action script and xml files are well commented.