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Dynamic Flash Media Gallery 2

Dynamic Flash Media Gallery 2


  1. XML driven. easy change all media contents from external xml file
  2. support four media type: video, images,audio,frame animation swf file. you can mix all media in one gallery
  3. Support three play mode: autoplay first media,autoplay all media and autoplay one by one. you can set these play mode from config.xml file
  4. Auto detect the video,images,audio background,swf width and height,Auto-Scale by ratio on normal mode and fullscreen mode.
  5. dynamic icon from external xml file. you can change it or delete it from external xml file
  6. All media numbers are unlimited, the category numbers are unlimited
  7. Advanced horizonal scroll function. Advanced menu selected function. the selected thumb auto slide and lock the first position. Advanced scroll bar function. auto-adapt all the thumbnails width
  8. Almost all the interface elements colors can be changed from the config.xml file
  9. All the dynamic text color,size can be changed from the global.css file
  10. Auto-adjust width tooltip function. easy change the fonts color from the global.css file
  11. help document included.

the config section in external xml file:

< fps >28< / fps>
< volume>60< / volume >
< countdown >5< / countdown>
< autoPlayFirst >true< / autoPlayFirst >
< autoPlayAll >true< / autoPlayAll >
< autoNext >true< / autoNext>
< bufferTime >10< / bufferTime>
< cssURL >global.css< / cssURL >
< backStyleColor >0×000000< / backStyleColor>
< itemStyleColor >0×000000< / itemStyleColor >
< navStyleColor >0×101010< / navStyleColor>
< videoControlButton >0×6DB4D6< / videoControlButton>
< videoControlBackground >0×000000< / videoControlBackground>
< scrollEasingSpeed >5< / scrollEasingSpeed>
< scrollBackground >0×2e2e2e< / scrollBackground>
< scrollLeftButton >0×6DB4D6< / scrollLeftButton>
< scrollRightButton >0×6DB4D6< / scrollRightButton>
< scrollDragBar >0×000000< / scrollDragBar>
< / config >

Note:this file is complex than all my other file. becasue it mixed four media types. so if you want to custom it by your self , please be sure you have enough the flash design and actionscript knowladge ,thanks.

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