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Dynamic flash player 15

Dynamic flash player 15

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The video player used in this player is a modified version of my FLV Player 14. It has been modified so it won’t work as a separate player in an html page. It won’t resize either.

Do not expect this version to be like the previous version. It has been modified specially for this new player. It’s almost a brand new file. :)

If you need to have the player resize dynamically in the HTML, and work as the other one, you might want to consider the other player.


1. double click = turns fullscreen on/off

2. support for logo (vectorial for resizing based on the player size) added = can be turned on/off in the ActionScript. The variable name is hideLogo. The logo needs to be added inside the fla file, on the layer that holds the logo. This way it cannot be reused by others that steal the swf file.

3. support for autohide (cpanel and mouse) – the variable name is autoHide

4. Support to pause/play the video by pressing the SPACE key (when not in fullscreen mode – not supported by Flash).

What’s new?
You can have any number of videos, and you can set these in a XML file (thumbs.xml).

It is pretty straight forward. The following items can be added:
caption = "Description text" 

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