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Hi, does this play .swf’s as well as .fla’s?


Hi. this file cannot play the swf file. thanks.

Hi, the scroll bar does not seem to work for .f4v files, the video just starts again every time I touch the scroll bar. Is this a problem with the file?

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Hi wangruyi

Is it possible to have 2 of the these players on the same website?

Because as it is set up, the config.xml controls everything, so if I was to duplicate the player, and have, for example, a config1.xml to control the second player, what code would I need to change and where to make sure that second player looks for config1.xml as its reference? Is it in the Flash file? src??

Thanks for your help.

Hi, I’ve got a problem, when i try to put the preview.swf in my dreamweaver’s table the full screen option it doesn’t work, i tried to paste and paste the javascripts and to put the code you gave me in the index into the cell but is the same story! There is any solution??


hi. gavastyle. are you sure you have copy all js code and embed swf code into you html page. also , there is external js file you need. please check again the file .

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HI how can I have the thumbs appear underneath the video player and scroll horizontally ? do I change it in AS ?

thanks in advance


Hi. TBrock, your request need change many As code, It should be a freelance work, you can send mail to me from my profile page . thanks.

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This is a beautiful product, but like everything else in life I have a problem while trying to implement it.

I only have enough room on my web page of 750px wide. Is there a way to make it scale to 750px by 400px instead of the 850px by 400px and have it show all of the thumbnail area and the scrollbar? I really don’t want to open your .fla file and mess with your layout.

When I change the dimensions in to be 750px by 400px, the right side of the video is cut off by 100px.


Hi. bgeroux.

I know you don’t want to open my fla file. If you want to change the file size, I suggest you open the fla and change the movieclip size for your request. also, you can send mail from my profile page, I do freelance work. thanks.

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Hi wangrui,

I took your advice and did open the fla file. I resized everything including the stage, which I made 760X400. I built the swf and tried using it, but it still needs 850X400 to display the movie, the thumbs and the scrollbar.

I even made my flv file 400X300 to match the size of the video in your fla file after I resized it. I’m stumped as to why it wants to be 850X400 even after I made those changes.

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Does this handle YouTube videos?

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At the last movie I want the scroll bar to go back up to the top….Is there a way to do that?

How many videos could be uploaded

And on extended license can we change the art work our self ?

Very useful and unique.

Hi, I’m looking for a video gallery with Facebook, Twitter, Email Sharing options. is this something you add to the player and how much will it cost? Thank you.

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Can you add you tube videos?

I’ve added this item to my public collection!!! http://audiojungle.net/collections/1918869-best-of-the-best P.S. You can “Rate” this collection…

nice work here, i have a few questions.

1- it can support a rotation all day without reload the web page? 2- support a lot of images and videos? think on 300 images and a few vidoes. 3- support autoplay video , so when the video ends it continue playing the other sliders? Thanks

Hi does anyone know if you can specify a link to a youtube video in the config.xml file? I tried it but it never work. Any advice would be really appreciated.

Thanks Kam

hi bhogalks

I can help you if you want. It is working 100%. Send me an email at www.bestbuildpc.org and I will install it for you.

Hi bestbuildpc

Thanks for your reply. Can you please email me a working example to kam500@hotmail.co.uk?

I cant find what email address i need to contact you on.