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Dynamic flash video gallery

Dynamic flash video gallery


file update again. 09/13/2009

update info:

  1. make the video keep original ratio when scaled.please download it again. thanks.

this file fourth updated . 03/17/2009

update info:

  1. fix a little autoplay bug.
  2. keep the original video scale ratio when fullscreen.

this file third updated. 01/19/2009

update info:

  1. Re-write all codes. you can control the first video play or stop on the file first loaded. you also can control the autoplay all video or play video one by one. all these setting from external xml file.
  2. updated the buffer function.
  3. updated scrub bar. when on fullscreen status. the scrub bar will auto hide after 5 seconds.

the sample xml config section:
< config >
< autoPlayFirst > false < / autoPlayFirst >
< autoPlayAll >true< / autoPlayAll >
< autoNext > true < / autoNext>
< mainStyleColor > 0×000000 < / mainStyleColor >
< / config >


1. load this file into your main file.
if you use “loadMovie” method to load the gallery into your another file. you need add the fellowing code into your main file. the code is:
your_mc.loadMovie(“preview.swf ” ) ;
your_mc._lockroot = true;
your_mc is a empty movieclip in your main swf file. be sure your video path in xml is correct. if you cannot load it into your main file. please send mail to me. I will send the load example to you. thanks.

2. disable mouse coordinates scroll.
open the scrollItem.as. find the line 25 code. change it as :
mouseCoord = !true;
it will disable the mouse coordinates scroll.

3. How to change the whole video gallery positons?
Now this file have space around the gallery. Many people want to change the whole video gallery on the top left corner. if you want to change the whole video gallery positions , do the fellowing change:
open the fla. open the firstframe actionscirpt, find the “init()” function. please change these values ,it will be ok.
titleItem._x = 74;
titleItem._y = 104;
videoItem._x = 74;
videoItem._y = 132;
thumbList._x = 565;
thumbList._y = 104;
please try it.

this file is a updated version based the old version,update on 11/16/2008
1. xml driven. easy add video title, description, video thumbnails.
2. easing scroll function. support mousewheel. mouse coordinates scroll. you can disable mouse coordinates scroll, you can set the scrollbar visible true or false. please check the comments.
3. added new selected menu function. when click a menu will highlight the current menu.
4. added a autoplay switch. you can open or close autoplay. when the video is auto playing. then relate menu will auto high light.
5. added volumn sound control.
6. added fullscreen function.
7. added buffer function.

I also have a new video gallery template with more function. please check it out HERE

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