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Dynamic Flip Object

Dynamic Flip Object

Dynamic Flip Object started as a dynamic web badge but soon expanded to a much more versatile object! It can flip any shape and even animations (as shown in example 4)! All you have to do to implement this in your Flash project is changing the layout of the different sides simply by editing movieclips, drag and drop it on the stage and easily set either one of its 30! properties by changing the parameters of the component! Too few options for you by dragging and dropping it on the stage? Handle the object using ActionScript and change its properties on the flow!

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Here are some highlights of this file:

Extremely easy implementation:

  • Simply change the existing layout of the default version that is in the package and publish your movie;
  • Create your own version by changing 30 parameters of this object without ActionScript knowledge required.

Extensive user manual:

To make implementation even more easy an extensive 15 page user manual is included in the package explaining each and every property of the file!


  • Object Sides: set only a front and back side or a larger amount of sides;
  • Button Events: easily set different events for roll over, roll out, press and release;
  • Fixed rotation: have a fixed rotation (example 1) or ‘real’ rotation (example 2);
  • Light Angle: set the light angle on the object on any value between 0 and 360 degrees;
  • Speeds: set the speed of flipping, mouse tracing and showing/hiding hints;
  • Hint amount: easily set the amount of hint to show;
  • Angles: set the angle of the hint and/or flipping of the object;
  • Flip sensitivity: make it really easy or really hard to flip the object based on the mouse cursor position;
  • Click Reference: easily set the URL to go to when the object is clicked;
  • And really much more!

Download file contains:
  • All 4 examples as shown here in the demo with the code commented;
  • The source file of the container used for the demo;
  • An extensive user manual explaining all details of the dynamic flip object in PDF format!

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