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Dynamic Metro Menu

Dynamic Metro Menu

1. What it is used for

This dynamic metro menu is use for the menu of the website. It also can be used for the widgets of the website. The menu style is following the metro effect. And the menu can be dynamic changed by the weight change of each menu item. Sometimes, you can dynamic change the menu size by the view times or the popular ranking. No matter what you want it used for, this is a right chose for you.

2. The feature of this components

1. You can change the background color in XML .
2. You can change the menu gap in XML .
3. You can change the menu size in XML .
4. It contains several FXG images. You can custom the icon in the XML . Also you can use your custom image in the menu.
5. CSS support. All the CSS styles are separated in the CSS file.
6. You can set the font size of the title.
7. You can use the custom image for each menu item, also the image have different filled mode.
8. You can use different color or same color with each menu item. The menu size can dynamic changed by the weight.
9. Each menu item have a weight property, this property determine the menu size.
10. It support external link.

3. What include in the source code

1. Flex 4 source project (FXP).
2. Demo images in the source code(FXP).
3. Demo XML file(FXP).
4. Instruction File: Dynamic Metro Menu.pdf

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