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dynamic multi video gallery template

dynamic multi video gallery template

File updated again: 11/21/2008

Add new submenu
now. this source file is a video gallery package, include with submenu and without submenu two versions.

File updated: 11/16/2008

  1. Add new 16:9 and 4:3 select function
  2. Add scroll function for left menu
  3. Re-write the video player code. and fix some bug

The Feature:

  1. xml driven. easy change the menu category and video content from external xml.
  2. easy using for other project. don’t need change the video and thumbnails content path in xml.
  3. unlimited video content. the scrollbar will auto adapted the amount video.
  4. scroll function support mouse wheel scroll. drag scroll and mouse coordinates scroll. you can disable the mouse coordinates scroll the comments have added into actionscript.
  5. have auto play and manual mode.you can change it from xml file.
  6. selected and highlight function. when you are in autoplay mode. the highlight menu function will auto run.
  7. integrated share function. you click the copy button on share panel.then you can got the current video address.
  8. integrated send mail function. it will auto get the current video address.then you can send it to your friends.
  9. integrated detail info function. you can using html tag in it.for example link function.
  10. easy change layout. you can drag the element on the stage to created your layouts.
  11. support h.264.mp4 video files .
  12. fonts have include.


1.default at 16:9 mode Now the file default mode is 4:3. change the default mode is 16:9:
please open the fla. open the first frame actionscirpt. add a new line code at the end of the actionscript. the code :
save it, test your file.

2.change the buffer time
please open cn/com/webstudio/video/wFlvplayer.as file. find this line code, it is around 540 line code:
the current buffer time is 20 seconds. for example you can change it as like this:
Now. the buffer time is 10 seconds.

3,I want to use absolute url path in xml file,How?
this file have a function named “get_url()”, This function can convert the relative path to absolute path. this can make it easy to use for web. but if you want to insert the absolute url path into your xml file ,for example: “http://www.yourdomain.com/video/video.flv”, please open the actionscript. find the function named “list_xml_fx()” ,in this function you will find this line code:
video_ary [ i ] = http_path+xml_total [ i ].childNodes [ 1 ].childNodes [ 0 ].nodeValue;
change it as like this:
video_ary[i] = xml_total [ i ].childNodes [ 1 ].childNodes[ 0 ].nodeValue;
it will works fine.

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