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at last!!!! someone wrote a normal thumb gallery. what i would give to have a CMS for this.

nevermind. thank you very much!!!

I have been having a problem with the gallery. I’m trying to load it using a Loader and I fail each time. the problem I’s I need 4 galleries to run in the same flash file each loaded in a press of a button. even tried the LOADXML function. is there any way to locally load it?


I followed your explanation to show the description at start up:
  • Open PhotoGallery.as
  • Find onDescButton function.
  • Copy and create another function with the same content. (No need to use any parameters)(Call it something like openDescPanel)
  • Call this function from the end of onDataReady function

...but it doesn’t work.

Thank you.

Is there a gallery that can use a directory instead of xml, or a way to have xml read a directory. I have a lot of pictures and manually coding takes a while. :)

Thanks, CBR Rider 1

yvesm or anyone wanting the description on at start up:

I don’t know what it means to “Call this function from the end of onDataReady function”

Can anyone tell me please?

Thanks, Denise

I love the slide show. The only issue is that we find that website visitors done know to click on the folder in the bottom left corner for categories. We would like some way to highlight attention to that or make it open when the gallery starts. Any ideas or help available on that?


Please help. I have just purchased the gallery ,and it just shows a black screen when I publish the swf, I tried uploading the necessary files also and am still getting the same black page… with no gallery. I expect I’m doing something stupid but if you could advise that would be helpful.


wyattr335 – it’s year now you haven’t gotten an answer, i see, but for others with the same trouble, you have to go to the Actionscript Settings and add the source path to the src folder.

The problem I’m having is that I need to use this gallery multiple times in the same project for different galleries on different pages, so that won’t work for me, This is coded to be used only once per project, from what I can see. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you!

Very nice gallery script!! – I have one question though. I want to decrease the height of the descriptions panel by removing descriptions and only showing the Title, but the panel should not be overlay on the gallery images. How can I achieve that?