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Dynamic Photo Gallery / Slideshow (XML / AS3)

Dynamic Photo Gallery / Slideshow (XML / AS3)

We’ve released a jQuery carousel plugin! Here are some screenshots;

From my portfolio:

Dynamic Photo Gallery / Slideshow (XML/AS3)

!! UPDATED: !! 20 February 2009
  • Faster, better, stronger
  • Memory leak bug fixed.
  • Image resizing algorithm replaced with a better one.
  • Compact category window.
  • You can embed it into your flash AS3 projects.
  • Configuration file problems fixed.

!! UPDATED: !! 22 December 2008
Several bug fixes and tweaks including fixes for resizing bugs. Please re-download and update your PhotoGallery.swf


A resizable and easy to use photo gallery with lots of great features. All configuration and image data are read from external XML files. You can add unlimited number of photos and categories just by editing the xml file. Use CSS / HTML to format photo descriptions. It’s written entirely in AS3 and can be easily integrated in other projects. Fully dynamic and configurable.

Main Features:
  • Supports unlimited number of photos
  • Supports unlimited number of categories
  • Fully configurable (More than 20 XML parameters)
  • Uses the perfect fit algorithm to get the best results for different monitor settings.
  • Supports full screen
  • Tweener driven
  • Resizable
  • Use CSS and HTML to format photo descriptions
  • Nice gradient background
  • Add dates to your categories
  • Supports auto slideshow
  • Optimized for faster browsing
  • Developed using object-oriented methods.
  • Clean and commented code
  • Comes with a help file

You will get :

  • The fla file
  • Source code
  • Ready to use PhotoGallery.html with swf file
  • User guide
  • The background file
  • Sample images and xml files.


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