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Dynamic Premium Jigsaw Puzzle Game XML

Dynamic Premium Jigsaw Puzzle Game XML


This jigsaw puzzle game is one of the best of its kind. An important advantage over most others is that you can choose freely the number of puzzle pieces, these pieces are created dynamically and each puzzle piece is unique in regard to the graphic on it and the form and shape as well. There are always exactly two pieces that really fit together by shape. This makes this puzzle really fun to play.

Various puzzles can be presented to the player to choose from. Puzzles can be categorized in any way. If desired a game can be saved at any point and be resumed at a different time (however this can be turned off in an exam setting or so). The welcome screen can be suppressed (like you can see in the demo).

The component is freely resizable and XML driven. A puzzle can be easily defined in a XML file. This puzzle XML file allows you to set
  • a picture URL
  • the number and distribution of puzzle pieces you’d like to have (12×7 or 5×10 e.g.)
  • a time limit for solving the puzzle(s) if desired
  • once you finished a puzzle it is presented to you a results screen with some key statistics and a score
  • if the player’s results should be stored in your database (it is saved to the database: player’s email, date of play, score, time, percentage completed, id of the puzzle played)
  • you can set the importance the time should have in the score
  • if the game should be in “exam” or “regular” mode (in exam mode the “hint” functionality is disabled)

There is a PHP / MySQL back-end included to store the player’s results in a database. FlashVars are supported to set the puzzle collection XML file location in the HTML file.

Everything is well documented. Please rate this component. Enjoy!


The audio files are from the “Free Sound Project” (www.freesound.org)


Update 07/21/2011
  • Resolved an issue with larger puzzles