Update 1.5

Available for download since July 25
  • New skin added (Artic white)
  • Autoplay (true/false) added
  • Button Play added on the player’s screen
  • Some little improvements

XML driven – Multi-Categories – Fullscreen

Features :
  • Full XML driven – All the content can be edited by only one XML file
  • Play only FLV files
  • Unlimited categories and unlimited videos can be added
  • Insert Title, Subtitle, Big Description, Image (jpg, png, gif)
  • Insert your own logo centered in the player
  • Video Streaming/Buffering/Seeking/Scrubbing
  • Resizes video maintaining aspect ratio and auto align in the screen/canvas
  • Real Fullscreen mode supported
  • 4:3 and 16:9 formats supported
    (the video auto-adjusts its size to the size of the player when is in normal mode, and to the size of the screen when is in fullscreen)
  • MouseWheel supported for the scrolling list
  • Context Menu (Right Click) supported to toggle Fullscreen mode
  • Launch the gallery directly to a category or a video

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