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usefull… welcome to AD :)

Well done… Nice file.

welcome to AD, nice file!

ehusted Purchased

Awesome file! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for: simple and to the point.

Although, how can I turn off the hover-state? My client doesn’t like the way it looks when hovering over the logos.

Thanks! =)

ehusted Purchased

Actually, I have a few more questions/concerns:

  1. The spacing amount set in the XML file only affects a certain amount of the images… it resets to some other value after it “loops” around (see screenshot…)
  2. Even when I set mask=”true”, it doesn’t mask the edges like in your example…
  3. How can I set the autoscroll direction (scroll to the left, for example.)
  4. And from my previous comment: how to remove the rollover effect on the images?

Thank you! =)


Thank You for the purchase and the feedback!

1. This was a bug and we have uploaded a fixed file for review.
2. This was tested and working. Did you edit the fla-file and export it again? Does it show masks in the sample html-file provided when you open it?
3. This feature was not intended in the first place, but we have edited the file and when it is reviewed and added again, this setting is changeable from the XML .
4. See above.

Cheers, Infowise

ehusted Purchased

Thank you very much!!! This is perfect!

How do i remove that contrast effect? Thanks, and its and awsome script great job!!


Thank You for the purchase!

We have edited the file, and the contrast effect can be removed by the following setting:

“Rollover effect (“rollover”); possible values: “true”, “false”.”

You need to change the “rollover” setting to “false” to remove the hover-contrast effect.

Regards, Infowise

Doesn’t seem to be working for me..

I did a search in action script file and couldn’t find “rollover” in quotes, i found several script sections where the term rollover was used but nothing with rollover in quotations.

can you show me exactly where to find this code to change?



The “rollover” setting is since the update changeable directly from the XML file (as you already noticed).

Sorry for the late reply!

The new update works great. Just wondered if there was a way to make it not loop?


At the moment unfortunately it does not provide this function, but it should not be that hard with some actionscript coding.

We will strongly consider adding this to the current functionality.


tpurvis Purchased

Very nice file, works perfectly!

Only one suggestion tho. Instead of going all crazy on mouseover and switching directions according to and what not. Just have it slow down on mouseover.

xiaopu Purchased

when i change the direction from ltr (default) to rtl (what i’d like it to do), it loads okay to start but then when one hovers over the logos and move the mouse away, after about 3 seconds the direction changes to the default directions (ltr)... is this only an isolated case for me or is this a bug?

octy86 Purchased


It seems that the links don’t open in firefox. Is there a fix?

predacom Purchased

how to disable mouse hover scrolling because i need only rigth direction

jclaflin Purchased

Is the scroller supposed to randomly choose what logos come up?

I have a client that wants certain logos to always be visible on the page. When I add 4 of the same logos spaced out in the xml file, they sometime show up 4 in a row of the same logo when it loads.

Anyway to get around this?

sfakir Purchased

Hi, ltr does not work in Opera /Chrome and in FF it does go like rtl ? Maybe Firefox hast just cached the xml, but opera / chrome / ie does not move anymore (?)

thank you

rbboyl Purchased

How do you disable linking the scroller (just display images)? I remove the links in the xml file but the images are still clickable and takes you to and “undefined” page.

lx1986 Purchased


Nice file. exactly what I was looking for! but I have a question:

why is it if I put more than 9 logos into the xml file, the mask stops working?

is there an easy way to fix this?

Thank you.

I am looking like this – http://www.woodscrwnh.com/logo_scroller.htm

without flash. Can you able to make it.

Hi, thanks for this plugin! I was really happy to purchase it. However, I am having problems with the Flash in IE and Chrome

See here: http://preview.casson.co.za/advtech/

In IE it sometimes wraps the logo images over each other and in IE and Google Chrome it at times leaves big gaps between the logo images.

Please can you urgently assist

nikola66 Purchased

Greetings, How do i completely disable the scrolling on mouse hover. Just want to to keep scrolling in the same speed, same direction, no funny monkey jumpy business!

Great Script thanksss :):)