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Dynamic XML Portfolio Gallery for images and SWF

Dynamic XML Portfolio Gallery for images and SWF

This gallery provides simple and easy to use navigation and quick view of images. Clean and smooth, great for portfolio / projects gallery (Designer, photographer, architect etc.)
The file is AS2 coded and opened with FLASH 8 or higher.

You can easily customize many variable features from inside the FLA :
• regular/roll-over/selected text color of category list menu
• margin between category list
• text color of image numbers
• background color of image numbers
• margin between image-number-thumbs
• top/bottom margin of image-number-thumbs (for ‘center’ alignment)
• offset margin of text description
• background alpha of description text
• animation transition speed

This gallery holds 2 options for showing the gallery:
You can choose between “Center” or “FixPosition” alignment.

1. “Center” means all navigation menu/buttons and images will align to the center of your stage.

(The example below shows the gallery with simple color customization)

2. “FixPosition” means all elements will align to Top-Left, which means, ‘dropping’ the main movie-clip on a certain position will become the registration point for your gallery.

(The example below shows the FixPosition with simple color customization)

If you’re using the ‘center’ alignment you can select “top” or “bottom” for the images-number-menu.

(Center with the bottom mode + different color customization)

All samples are Included.

The XML file is calling for all your relevant content:
• Gallery content is fully adjusted through an external XML file.
• Upload all kind of images (Jpeg, Gif, Png) and SWF files.
• Create specific path for each loaded image/swf.
• Use HTML format for description text with CDATA. (create Links, change Color etc.)
Browse through the category list (on FlashDen preview) to see live examples.

• The fonts used are Supra family, free download from here.
• File is only 11kb!! (without embedded fonts).
• A fully detailed help file is included.

For any further question, you can contact me through my email.

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