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Dynamic XML text scroll bar - resizable scroller

Dynamic XML text scroll bar - resizable scroller

This file provides you the ability to scroll any text and images in HTML format. Clean and smooth, just drag & drop the movieClip onto your stage. The file is AS2 coded and opened with FLASH 8 or higher.

The Scroller provides these following features:
  • Easily load all content from a simple XML file
  • Placing multiple ‘scrollers’ movieClips on the stage
  • Provides ease and smooth scrolling
  • Keeping position of scroll-bar when window is resized
  • MouseWheel support
  • Auto hide the scroller when it is not needed
  • Easily add text and images (Jpg, Gif, Png)
  • HTML tags support

You can easily customize these features from inside the XML:
  • Setting the width and height of the content box
  • Determine if height is resizeable or not (true or false)
  • Margin between the content box and window-bottom (for resizable height)
  • Scroll-bar width (...The draggble bar)
  • Scroll-bar height
  • Setting the distance between the scroll-bar and the content area
  • Speed for the mouse-wheel scrolling
  • Color for the scrollBar
  • Color for the scrollBar background

As you can see, you can easily place multiple ‘scrollers’ movieClips on the stage, in only 3 simple steps:
  1. Drag the ScrollBar from the library and place it on the stage.
  2. Assign its instance name (for example let’s call it ‘My_Scroller’).
  3. Name your XML file the same as the instance name (in our example ‘My_Scroller.xml’).
That’s it. Now customize the values for your needs. :)

ScrollBar published size is only 4kb!! (without embedded fonts).
Embedded font add around 12 kb (some fonts can be more than that).
Embedding the font into flash makes it crisp and smoother for readability (although it is not essential, it is recommended).

*A fully detailed help file is included.
*For any further question, you can contact me through my email.

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