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Easter Flash Card - AS3, PHP, XML

Easter Flash Card - AS3, PHP, XML

This is an Easter Card project written in Flash (AS3) and PHP, the data is stored in XML files.

Important: You will need to have PHP 4 or higher on your server and the PHP mailing well configured for the mailing!

The Flash project is object-oriented consists of five classes:

  • EasterEgg (package)
    • Egg – This class displays the egg and the painting on it
    • PaintableEgg – You can paint on the egg using that class
    • XMLSaver – It generates (and saves through PHP) the XML data generated from an egg instance
    • XMLLoader – It creates an egg instance from previously saved data
  • SimpleColorPicker – This class generates a color picker (see in the preview), you can use it in your other projects as well.

You can email the Easter card:

First draw the Easter egg, write a message and then send the card to someone. He/she will receive a nice HTML formatted email with a link in it – it is generated by the saver PHP. The link in the message will open the card “player” swf with a parameter that refers to the Easter card that you have made for her/him.

And you can print the Easter card too.
In the Flash file you can set the margins of the page to be printed.

The file that you can see on the preview is the card creator (now, in the preview you can’t send the message), the card “player” looks similar (a card without the painting tools and the email fields), the email is also similarly designed.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me!

........................ Modifications ….....................

2009. 03. 15. – Printing feature was added

2009. 07. 07. – New data structure – for the next Easter :)