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Easy Flip - AS3 Flip Tween Class

Easy Flip - AS3 Flip Tween Class

The easiest way to create great looking 3D flips. With Easy Flip you can create and tween a two sided movieclip with just four lines of easy to understand code. You do not need to know anything about classes or OOP to use this class.


  • Many animation types to choose from
  • Text remains pixel perfect
  • Works with Flash Player 9 and opens with CS3 (no need for cs4)
  • Optional motion blur effect
  • Optional bend effect
  • Possible to create a sequence of flips
  • 8 usage examples included
  • Flip from the timeine or within a class (examples included)
  • Very good help file and comments


  • New bend force and bend angle options

All Flip parameters:

  • Direction* | “up”, “down”, “left”, “right”
  • Speed | Number
  • Ease type | String | see greensock documentation for all options.
  • Bend force | Number
  • Bend angle | Number
  • Motion blur amount | Number
  • Delay (time to wait before flip starts) | Number


The ultimate creative template has been designed from the ground up to be
easy to update, customize and understand. Each section has its own external
xml config file so you can access nearly 300 options without opening Flash!
To put in your own images just upload them, its really that easy to use.