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very Impressive Work, hope you a good sale ;)

Any chance to make a CS3 version ?


Hello wildpeaks,

Sorry, this file has some features that are not supported in CS3 … But you can download the CS4 Trial Version at Adobe website if you need to customize the gallery… then you can work only with the XML file to update it.

Anyway I’ll look if I can provide a CS3 version… but I don’t think that it’s possible.

Best regards,

Ok thanks for the reply.

Oh well, I had to update to CS4 soon or later anyway, now I have a good reason :)

Does it allow unlimited images?


Hi engel003,

Yes! You can add as many images you want.

Best regards, Domenico


I am thinking of buying this website theme


I just have one question, is it possible to have about 200 slots in the gallery on the globe, and is it possible that when you click a video comes up instead of an image?

I hope you can help me out. What CS4 product do you need to edit it? I have them all.

Is it hard to work out?

Cheers Matthew


Hi Matthewnevin,

Yes you can insert 200 slots, this is unlimited.
This gallery supports images only.

Thank you very much for your interest.

Best Regards,


Update: The gallery supports Images and SWFs files.

Great about the slots. Is there no way of making it show video when clicked? Embed a video or something? Hope you can help as I really want to use this in an art project website I’m making



You can do this: create a SWF with your video embedded, and then use this file instead an image. The Globe Gallery supports SWF files too. :)
Hope it can do the job!

Best Regards,
Domênico Citrângulo

Sounds like a plan! Thanks will check it out tomorrow:)

When clicking on the ‘Know More’ button/link: Is it possible to open a page in the same window rather than new window? (target = _self instead of target = _blank?)


Hi Brian,

At actionscript code, in the gallery scene, find the line 608 and change it:

navigateToURL(request, ‘_blank’);
change to
navigateToURL(request, ‘_self’);

Best Regards,

Exactly how do I change the number of lines?

I tried messing with the actionscript in the .fla file and in the xml and still couldn’t change it.

I know NO actionscript so please explain it to me like I am an idiot.



Hi Smoothbob,
Thanks for purchasing!

You just need to add more lines in the xml. At the documentation you’ll find how to add lines.
You don’t need to change anything at the .FLA file. :)
If doesn’t work, email me and I’ll help you.

Best Regards,

maria Purchased

Hi I have adjusted the globe to open up swfs instead of jpgs and some of my swfs contain video clips.

I have discovered 2 problems:

1. Video won’t stop playing sound when I click on close button and 2. Video won’t replay if i open the page up again.

So if i click on thmb1 and watch video then i click on thumb4 video wont play or appear.

Is there a way of unloading the swf completely. I suspect that the close but just makes the alpha=0?

Any assistant would help tremendously…

aeolous Purchased

I bought this item and it really plays exellent!

but i made a small mistake…

my primary website is in AS2 .. is there any way to make it work with loadMovieclip or something?

Hi, I am trying to give this a transparent background. I’ve removed teh bg image from the xml file and published the swf “transparent windowless” and there is still a black box behind the sphere. Is there a way to do this? thanks.

Can I use it as a menu with url to a web site ?

manshi Purchased

hello, i have a question for my purchases, can i have your email? may i pay extra for diy flash.


Estou interessado neste item e gostaria que me explicasse qual a capacidade máxima que posso colocar de imagens no globo mesmo diminuindo as imagens no caso seria logos posso alterar a quantidade de linhas também ?? quantas mais poderia adicionar ?? se puder me responder a capacidade máxima do globe agradeço e vou comprar o item muito obrigado pela atenção angeloaamaral@gmail.com?