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Easy Photo Gallery (AS3)

Easy Photo Gallery (AS3)


Create a dynamic photo gallery in minutes!

Don’t spend hours filling in an .xml file with all your photos.

Just copy your photos into a folder, quickly resize the gallery to your desired size, and publish!


  • Uses .php to grab all your photos out of a single folder
  • Set your photo gallery to loop through your images
  • Set your desired time for the loop
  • Easily resize your gallery just by resetting the EasyPhotoGallery movie clip’s dimensions

What’s NEW from Metaphor Creations:

FILE UPDATE [04/29/09]

Major updates to make it easier to have multiple galleries for the same project.

- I have added FlashVar interaction so you can use the same swf on multiple pages and show different photos just by changing one variable.

- I have added documentation on how to easily load this gallery as an external swf into your website.

- I have also included a new help file.

FILE UPDATE [01/06/09]

I have updated the file so the application works if a user uses, http://yoursite.com or http://www.yoursite.com. I have also added the ability to set the order of the images. Check the new help documentation for instructions.

FILE UPDATE [11/25/08]

I have made an update to the .fla & .xml file. You can now set the dimensions of the thumbnail images in gallery mode. This does not affect the images on the previous and next buttons.

File Update [10/30/08]

The newly updated file now allows the options to set the “Start Mode” of your photo gallery. You can the the options to have the first image show first, or the gallery with all of the thumbnails. This includes a new Help File as well.