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I am a first time Flash user or a non programmer. Will I be able to use EasyCart?

Yes. EasyCart was designed particularly with you in mind. It is meant to be as easy to use as possible. You never have to look at any complicated export windows, ActionScript or XML to make a fully functional and easily customizable cart. Your clients will think you spent months building their ecommerce solution.

Can I create an unlimited amount of items with EasyCart?

Yes. You can create as many as you want as long as you declare uniqueIDs for each individual item.

I am a programmer. Will I be able to use EasyCart?

Absolutely! There is a well documented SilentAPI included with EasyCart that allows you to use the core functionality of EasyCart via API without the graphical interface.

Is the LightSave example included with EasyCart?

Yes. Demo version has it too.

How easy is it to customize EasyCart?

Simply double click on any EasyCart component to expand it’s skinning view.

What restrictions exist for the demo version?

No merchant checkout. There is no time restriction on the demo version. Feel free to trial it as long as you need before you make your purchase decision.

What merchant checkout services are currently available for EasyCart?

Currently, only Paypal. I have looked at additional options for merchant checkout services but that really depends on the volume of sales and demand for EasyCart because it takes quite a bit of time and effort to setup what is known as a WSDL or REST connection with other checkout services. If EasyCart sells well, I will implement future merchant services into the component.

How well is EasyCart documented?

Includes a very well extensively documented PDF with both the full version and demo version. It documents the drag and drop functionality as well as SilentAPI included for advanced power users.

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