This is an image explorer with a nice elegant style.


Mouse wheel scrolling added, wherever required.


1. Easily editable, just via XML .
2. You can show unlimited number of folders and images.
3. Mouse wheel scrolling is available for zooming in and out.
4. The flow is quite flexible… you can click a different image while one is already loading… while any image description is beng shown… so you do not have to wait or do extra clicks.
5. Zooming is done for a particular number of levels and you can easily change those levels and the percentage of zoom in the XML file.
6. HTML description can be shown for the images.
7. Mouse wheel scrolling is available for HTML description also.
8. Panning is supported for an image as soon as the size becomes bigger than available space.
9. Tooltips are available for the buttons.
10. Action script in the FLA file is well commented. It is very easy to change the action script as almost every piece of code is well-commented.
11. XML files are also well commented. You can find when you open the file that how you can add/remove the images/folders and use the global settings.