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Elegant Photography Template

Elegant Photography Template

A simple and elegant template to showcase your portfolio. Check out the features:


Background slideshow
The template comes with a background slideshow component.
  • It supports images and flv files
  • Images are loaded from XML
  • Images are resized according to the stage dimensions
  • Images are smoothed to achieve non-pixelated look when resized
  • The XML offers you the following options
    • Slideshow on/off at startup
    • Slideshow interval
    • Alignment of the thumbnails on screen (right, left, top, bottom)
    • Alignment margin
    • Thumbnails scroll direction (horizontal, vertical)
    • Dimension of the thumbnail list (height if scrolling is vertical and width if scrolling is horizontal)
    • Number of rows/columns of thumbnails
    • Thumbnail width and height
The component is for sale here – XML Background Switcher/slideshow v2

Text slideshow
Use this module to display a text based slideshow. I’ve included it in the “HOME” section to display photography related quotes. You can use it to display recent news, links to specific galleries, etc. You can set the slideshow interval and the text to be displayed in XML.

Content pages
  • HTML and CSS supported content pages in which you can load images, styled text, hyperlinks and much more.
  • You can use the mouse and keyboard arrows to scroll the content.
  • Press the HOME, END keys on your keyboard to scroll to the top and bottom of the content respectively
The galleries in this template are modified version of XML Image Gallery 1. Features include:
  • Very easy to use
  • Supports single and multiple categories. See OBJECTS for multiple categories gallery and FLOWERS , ISOLATED for single category gallery
  • Supports jpg, png, swf
  • Zoom/pan options and controls
  • Administer the following settings from XML
    • scale mode for the images – you can set it to either ‘fit’ or ‘fill’ the screen
    • Switch on/off zoom and mouse scroll of large images from XML
    • Dimensions of the gallery if you don’t want to have it fullscreen
    • Gap between menu items and thumbnail items
    • The background image that is displayed when the gallery first loads
    • The number of columns of the thumbnails that must be displayed
    • The images, their titles and descriptions
  • Use the keyboard arrow keys to scroll the thumbs and also to go to previous/next images
  • Press the “I” key on your keyboard to see the info related to the loaded images
  • Press the “T” key on your keyboard to see the thumbnails list
  • Press the “M” key on your keyboard to see the categories of the gallery
  • Press the HOME, END keys on your keyboard to scroll to the top and bottom of the thumbnails list
  • You can use the mouse and keyboard arrows to scroll the thumbnaiils list.

Password protected galleries
These galleries are password protected version of the galleries used in this template. You can use this section to give provide you clients with a means to review the work you did for them without allowing others to see it.
  • Passwords are stored as MD5 hashes
  • The XML files storing the client’s information is encrypted for further security
  • You can choose to encrypt the XML files or not
  • You can login with the following credentials

    • LOGIN: iceonflames, PASSWORD: flashden – multi categories gallery

    • LOGIN: john, PASSWORD: smith – single category gallery

  • The client can submit a review of the work then and there once he logs into the client section. It reaches the site administrator as an email with the client details and the submitted review.

Note: The system I’ve implemented is very simple in terms of security, but manages to hide the client information effectively. I however do not guarantee the safety of the system and am not responsible for any damage (like people getting in without having access credentials, though it is actually pretty difficult if you follow the right measueres. I’ve outlined more secure measures in the help file). If you are looking for a very secure system, then you must consider using databases(which is not provided with the template) in conjunction with the login module of this template. You’ll have to implement it for yourself.

I’ve implemented a simple deeplinking framework that allows enabling of browser history(the BACK button of your browser) and also you can directly link to a specific section of your website. Try this for example – Flowers section

Auto-generated HTML page
  • This page is used keeping SEO in view
  • Search engines will find this page useful to index the content of the site as they find it difficult to index flash content
  • Also, visitors who do not have Flash player plugin installed on their browser will be shown this page with a link to install Flash player
  • The HTML page is generated dynamically from the same XML files used to generate the Flash website. So you don’t have to worry about maintenance of the HTML page. Change the content of the XML files and…VOILA!...the content of the HTML page is also updated
  • Your server needs to have PHP 5.0 and server side XSLT support to generate the HTML page
  • I’ve included how to find this out in the help file
  • See the generated HTML page here
Main Menu features
  • Choose if the background slideshow must be on/off for a particular menu item
  • Choose if a particular menu item is available in Flash site and HTML template or not (this is because both Flash and HTML versions use the same XML file to generate the main menu. See how different the menu items are in both versions.)
Contact form
The template comes with a simple contact form for your visitors to contact you.

MP3 player
The template comes with a simple MP3 player that plays a single track. You can change the path of the MP3 file in XML.

The template comes with some solid documentation of about 34 pages help file. (See the contents of the help file here). There is also a separate folder named apidocs which contains documentation for all the classes in the template.

Other features
  • All the scrollable lists – the content pages, the thumbnail lists in galleries use the vertical version of my Easy Content Scroller. So you have a ready made scroll component to implement into your projects.
  • Though the MP3 player plays a single track (I did this for the sake of simplicity), I’ve included a set of classes that will help you create a MP3 player with full playlist functionality very easily
  • For the main preloader, I’ve used my All-In-One Preloader. So you get that one in the package too.


  • 29-04-2009: Extended the deeplinking functionality till gallery categories/images.
  • 25-05-2009:
    • Cleared a bug in the contact form
    • Updated gallery to support swf files
  • 21-06-2009:
    • Zoom/pan controls for image galleries
    • Set zoom/pan options from XML
    • Set whether the image should scale to ‘fill’ or ‘fit’ the screen from XML
    • Set browser title and right-click copyright info from XML


  • Source files
  • Fonts
  • Help files



  • Please ask any queries that you might have before purchasing the file rather than regretting it later and asking for a refund
  • For simple changes and help, I can offer free support, but for bigger customizations prices will be based on my hourly freelance rates

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