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Expanding XML Info Boxes

Expanding XML Info Boxes


These Info Boxes were designed to show information and images in a creative, compact and interesting way with the users’ focus and ease of use in mind. The Info Boxes are very flexible with many XML options.
You can position, size and color almost anything you want! You can position the box and all the parts inside it on each individual box. You can size the box and all the parts inside it on each individual box. You can color the box and all the parts inside it on each individual box as well as all the transparencies. The parts inside each box that you can change position, size, color and transparency include the background box, the image, the scrollable text, the image preluder, the scrollbar background, the scrollbar and more. You can also size and change the color of all the text using HTML formatting in the XML .
You can load in images and SWFs, including JPGs, GIFs, transparent PNGs, SWFs and more. The Info Boxes were developed only to have a few boxes in one menu so it would be static but there is now a mouse-position-based movement added to the menu if it is too wide or high for the given space on the stage so you can add as many boxes as you like! The description text can also handle short or long pieces of text; if the text is too long a scrollbar will automatically appear.

For each individual button you can specify the following options in the XML :
– box_x
– box_y
– box_width
– box_height
– image_width
– image_height
– image_x
– image_y
– scroller_width
– scrollbar_height
– box_drop_shadow
– box_color
– box_transparency
– image_bg_color
– image_bg_color
– preloader_color
– preloader_transparency
– scrollbar_bg_color
– scrollbar_bg_transparency
– scrollbar_color
– scrollbar_transparency
– image_path
– caption_text
– description_text

AS3 only. Opens with Flash CS3 and above only.

Step by step instructions are included and code is commented. Also, two html files are included to demonstrate SWF embedding for both full browser and fixed size.


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